Cabin areas on Sjusjøen

Sjusjøen is a relatively small destination, but a large area. Whether you are an experienced Sjusjøen guest and know where you want to stay, or are first time visitors and not familiar with the area, we want to help you a little along the way. The cabins are scattered throughout Sjusjøen with a maximum of 10-15 minutes driving distance. We hope by using these divisions this can help you a little in the way of decision-making on where you want or where you have booked your cabin. If you have any questions, simply contact us.


Høgfjellia is the new cabin area located next to the road in Nordseter , a few kilometres west of Sjusjoen center . Hoved ski loop between Sjusjøen and Nordseter goes through this cabin area . Here you will find hiking trails in the summer and winter . It is about 15 minutes drive from Sjusjøen Skisenter and 25-30 minutes from Hafjell.


Natrudstilen is a newer cabin area located approximately 4 km south of the center of Sjusjøen. Here lies Sjusjøen Ski center ski slope, toboggan run, ski stadium with biathlon range and one of Sjusjøen’s two floodlit tracks. At the slopes you will also find Sjusjøen Café where inside you will find good, homemade, great tasting Norwegian food. In the summer time the ski centre has invested heavily in bikes so they can transform from a ski centre in to a place where you can rent great bikes and also a place where you can also make repairs on bikes. At the downhill slope, they can tempt you with a totally separate downhill route in the summer and for those who are not as tough can free test the proficiency course or any of the many bike tours available in the area. Adjacent to the biathlon stadium, there is a paved roller ski trail of 5 km, which is well used by both Norwegian and foreigners throughout the year. Maybe you would like to try your hand at fishing or take a dip in the lake close by, here you will find a nice seating area and barbecue facilities to use if you wish.


Rømåsen is a large cabin area located south of the center of Sjusjøen. Here we have both older, comfortable cabins and newer high-standard cabins for rent. In the area there are many fine ski tracks suitable for both the old and young. In the summer, around late July to August there is an arrangement of «Life on Rømåssetra «, where we travel back in time and see how farms were managed in the olden days, in addition to fun activities and entertainment for all ages. Rømåsen has many nice cabin roads and hiking trails in the immediate area where it’s nice both to bike and walk on foot. The popular tour trip » around Sjusjøenwater » goes by Rømåsen. About 5-10 minutes to driving to Sjusjøen Ski center depending on where in Rømåsen you are living.

Sjusjøen Sentrum

At the center of Sjusjøen have you walking distance to shops and ski trails. Here you will find the Norwegian kiwi shop , sports shop , Restaurant , café and pub .

The popular birkebeiner trail runs just above the center, and there is also two floodlit trails at Sjusjøen Cross Country Arena. From the cross-country arena you have countless trails to choose from, and it’s not for nothing that Sjusjøen was voted Norway’s best cross country destination.

Sjusjøen water is a nice and popular area, whether you want to fish or swim in the summer. Around the lake there is a hiking trail » Sjusjøvannet round ,» which is a nice walk in the beautiful nature and suitable for all ages.

Sjusjøen center is a good starting point for both short and long trips, and most are well-marked with signs from the center or the ski stadium.


Vassbakken is a large cabin area situated on the south side of Sjusjøvannet (susjoen water). The cabins are located in a quiet and relatively flat area, so here you have a good starting point for walks both in the summer and winter. Sjusjøvannet which is close by is a popular spot whether you want to swim or fish, and the new wellbeing space at the end of the water is a nice hiking destination for both young and old. Short distance to Sjusjoen center where you will find all the shops and cafes. Sjusjøen Ski Centre is between 5-10 minutes away.

Birkebeinerbakken / Småsetra

Birkebeiner Bakken / Småsetra is a newer cabin area located a few kilometres south of the center of Sjusjøen, towards Nordseter.
There are many newly built large cabins, located in a nice walking area both in the summer and winter. Not far from the cabin area is a small lake which is great for both fishing and barbecues in the summer. The famous Birkebeiner trail passes close by, and you can follow this all the way into the city center.


Heståsen is a hill located northwest of the center of Sjusjøen, towards Lillehammer. Here is a short distance to the popular ski tracks, including the birkebeiner trail. Heståsen is known for its fine scenery, and is a great starting point for tours on foot or by bike in the summer. Camping field is located about 10 minute drive from Sjusjøen Ski center, 3-4 minutes from Sjusjøen center.