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Hunderfossen Family Park

Hunderfossen Family Park in Norway, Lillehammer! Hunderfossen Family Park is known as the Fairy-tale Park in all of Norway and is one of Norway’s most popular tourist attractions. There are over 60 rides and places of interest for the whole family. Come and try family rafting in our frothing rapids, experience the magical Fairy-tale Palace and take a mind-blowing ride on the spectacular Il Tempo Extra Gigante. Meet the enormous Hunderfossen Troll, rediscover folk tales in Ivo Caprino’s Fairy-tale Cave and enjoy our pool area with water slides and water games for the youngest. Try our popular area for small children, watch The Little Prince in 4D and explore the Energy Centre, the High Ropes Course, and the Troll Drop. Come and drive our John Deere tractors on the Tractor Tracks, pass the driving licence on our mini Volvo FH trucks or our beautiful Mercedes-Benz SLS and have fun on the electrical go-kart tracks. Experience an unforgettable meal in the Trollsalen restaurant, take the Fairy-tale Ship up to the sky, try the small children’s area and the new Playhouse for the youngest, and much much more… Hunderfossen is located 30 km from Sjusjoen Hytteutleie

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Maihaugen in Lillehammer is Norway’s largest open-air museum outside of Oslo. The museum offers more than 200 buildings from different eras, superb cultural experiences, a variety of activities for children and adults, numerous exhibitions and several places to eat. Maihaugen is open all year and has a varied program. During summer the museum is an eldorado for children and adults with a lot of activities on the schedule. Cultural experiences Bring the family for common educational and cultural experiences. Experience life like it was 200 years ago, participate in exciting walking plays and visit houses from different decades during the 1900’s. Take a walk amongst the sunburnt buildings and take a stop to watch traditional crafts and the animals that are grazing in the fields. Exciting exhibitions of different kinds are offered all year at Maihaugen. Maihaugen at located 20 km from Sjusjoen Hytteutleie

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Lilleputthammer is an adventure park for young and old, but where most of the activities are designed for children 1-8 years. Here you find a miniature copy of the famous main street - Storgata - in Lillehammer as it was back in the year 1930, built to a scale of 1:4. The following children’s activities are offered among the charming small wooden buildings: train, Ola's frog leap, electric-powered cars, farris wheel, mini rollercoaster, climbing tower and obstacle course, bumper boats, huge jumping cushion, trampolines and other playground facilities. In Lilleputthammer, the kids can ride on a train, drive a car or ride on a bicycle, and the miniature houses make the kids feel like giants. Inside the houses they can discover fun activities at sites such as the painting room, the ball room, the mini cinema, etc. For adults, Lilleputthammer offers a look back into history – the 1930s to be precise. Both the buildings, the content and the colours have been copied as authentic as possible from that period. In Lilleputthammer there are 44 shops, 2 hotels, 3 cafes, 2 bakeries, a police station and a cinema.

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Jorekstad Aqua Park

Welcome to our indoor and outdoor (open during the summer season) aqua park. We are located seven kilometers away from Lillehammer city centre and eight kilometers from Hunderfossen amusement park. We have several pools, saunas and a wibit track for kids (in use during the school holidays). Jorekstad is located 20 km from Sjusjoen Hytteutleie

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Sjusjøen Skisenter

At Sjusjøen Mountain Bike Park you will find handmade and natural trails who ensures a great bicycle experience. The trails in our bike park have different levels of difficulty, and is suitable for experienced and beginners. Outside our bike rental shop you will find our 1 km skills trail which offers technical challenges for everyone. A warm up before taking the longer trail, Eftasrunden, or cycling to the café on the top. All downhill from here, take the alpine slopes back to start! Need advice and recommendations for the bike route? We know our way around the mountain! We can also offer guided bike rides, private and in groups. More information and prices: post@sjusjoen-skisenter.no Sjusjoen-Skisenter is located next to Sjusjoen Hytteutleie.

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Fishing and Hunting

Did you know that Sjusjøen and the Ringsaker mountain area have 40 fishing lakes and 60 km of rivers and streams? Furthermore, fishing is free for everyone under 18 years old! Sjusjøen and the Ringsaker mountain offer fantastic fishing opportunities, with lakes ranging from the child and family-friendly to spots more suitable for the experienced angler. Free fishing for everyone under 18 years old. Excellent selection of fishing equipment at Sport1 Sjusjøen Fishing permit can be purchased at rjfo.no and at selected outlets. Sjusjøen offers vast opportunities for hunting, fishing and other outdoor pursuits. With its abundance of species, this is the ideal spot to enjoy nature all year round – with or without a rifle. The area has been in use since the Stone Age, and features numerous cultural heritage sites showing its importance for the various settlements through the ages. Excellent hunting and fishing all year round. Small game hunting and fishing is organised through Ringsaker Jakt- og Fiskeområde – a partnership between Pihl AS and Brøttum, Ringsaker, Veldre, Furnes allmenning and Nes allmenning. In these 150 000 acres of land, everyone are welcome to obtain permits for small game hunting and fishing. For sale of permits, see Ringsaker Jakt- og Fiskeområde. Big game hunting (elk and reindeer) is mainly reserved for Pihl AS’ shareholders.

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