Cabin areas in Sjusjøen

Sjusjøen is a small destination that covers a large area. There are about 6000 cabins in the Sjusjøen area.
We are happy to help you find your perfect place, whether you are an experienced Sjusjø guest, or if you are new and curious about what Sjusjøen has to offer. 



Natrudstilen is a newer cabin area located about 4 km south of the center of Sjusjøen. In this area you will find Sjusjøen Skicenter with alpine slopes and Sjusjøen Arena Natrudstilen with a 5 km roller ski trail, lighted trail, shooting range for biathlon and a Multipurpose Hall with gym, meeting room and offices. A new addition to the area is an 18-hole disc golf course that has become a popular activity lately. The course is open during the summer season and closes after the autumn holidays. Sjusjøen café is open when the ski center is open during the winter. In the summer there is a café on the ground floor that serves refreshments, and you can rent bikes and discs for disc golf. In Natrudstilen there is a small lake called “Eftastjernet”. It is possible to go fishing or take a swim there in the summer. Remember to buy a fishing license for those over the age of 18. Around the water there are benches, areas for barbecue and a beach volleyball course.


Rømåsen is a large cabin area south-east of the center of Sjusjøen. This is an older cabin area, and it has everything from the good old cabins to the modern high standard cabins. From this area there are many good ski trails that are suitable for both young and old, beginners and more experienced skiers. In the summer there are many marked hiking trails, and you can go for long or even short hikes. A popular hike is “Sjusjøvannet rundt” where you walk all the way around the lake. The tour is suitable for both strollers, cyclists and wheelchair users and is about 10 km long. “Rømåssetra” is a cozy farm café and is located in the middle of Rømåsen. The food they serve varies according to the season. In the summer there are chickens and pigs outside, and it is also possible for the children to ride on ponies. Rømåssetra is open during school holidays and some weekends throughout the year.

Center of Sjusjøen

In the center of Sjusjøen you will find what you need for a pleasant stay in the mountains. There is a large store (Kiwi) with a good selection of groceries, and right next to it is Sport1, with clothes and sports equipment. It is possible to rent skis in the winter, and bikes in the summer. Down the road from Kiwi ans Sport1 is Låven Bar. Låven Bar consists of a café which serves food and drinks, and a pub where on most weekends between August and May there is a troubadour playing. Down by the lake “Sjusjøvannet” you will find “Sjusjølunga”. They serve light refreshments, and the bonfire pans are lit during opening hours in the winter season. In the summer you can swim in the lake, go fishing, or why not rent a canoe? If you are lucky, you will be in Sjusjøen when they have a market with local food and handcraft.


Vassbakken is a cabin area located on the south side of the lake “Sjusjøvannet”. The area is quiet and relatively flat which means that it will be a good starting point for various hikes and skiing both summer and winter. Vassbakken is within walking distance to the center of Sjusjøen and the lake. By the lake there is a really nice playground for children and areas for barbecuing.

Birkebeinerbakken / Småsetra

Birkebeinerbakken/Småsetra is a newer cabin area located some kilometers west of the center of Sjusjøen in the direction of Nordseter. In this area there are many new cabins, and the surrounding area is good for hikes in the summer and skiing in the winter. The Birkebeiner trail passes through the cabin area, and you can come up and towards the center of Sjusjøen with even more possible routes. Not far from the cabin area, there is a small lake where it is nice to go fishing in the summer.


When you pass the center of Sjusjøen. You reach Storåsen and can drive further into the mountains. In the summer it is possible to drive over to Rena and Øyerfjellet. Some of the cabins are located close to the barrier at Storåsen, and it is not far to the center of Sjusjøen. A little further inland you will find Elgåsen. This is a great area for those who enjoy the tranquility of the mountains and the beautiful mountain views. From Storåsen and Elgåsen you can go for short or long hikes, on skis or by bike. When you go by bike, you will pass a lot of old farms where the local farmers used to have their cattle and sheep during the summer. Since these two areas are higher above sea level than Sjusjøen itself, this is where the first snow falls and the first ski tracks are groomed.