Sjusjøen Arena Natrudstilen and Flerbrukshallen


In Sjusjøen Arena Natrudstilen, there is a 5 km trail for roller skis. These trails form a solid foundation for “early snow trails”, that will, in most years, be ready by November 1st, depending on the weather conditions. 

The trail is 4 meters wide and has a gradient/altitude of 98 meters The stadium itself is 10500m2 and can provide numerous activities. The shooting range has Kurvinen electronical target system with 40 lanes, which makes the stadium a popular and attractive place for biathletes from all over the world.

In the same area you can rent ventilated wax cabins or rent a place for your own waxing trailer with access to electricity.

Flerbrukshallen, a sportshall with endless possibilities!

The multi-purpose sports hall is adjacent to the stadium and is central at Sjusjøen Arena Natrudstilen. The hall contains a sports hall, a gym with top equipment, changing rooms and showers, a meeting room, four separate offices and a kitchen. The sports hall has top modern floors that meets the standards of all activity requirements. It measures 28×20 meters and is suitable for handball, volleyball, basketball, land hockey and has some basic equipment for strength and movement training.

The gym has top modern equipment from our partner “Fønix”. Double-pole machine, rowing exercise machine, treadmills, indoor cycling bikes, free weights and other equipment for strength training.

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Varied and rich in content

Nature and Location

The surrounding nature, summer and winter, seen together with Sjusjøen Arena Natrudstilen, provides an excellent basis for a varied and eventful gathering in the mountains.

  Running and cycling

In the area Natrudstilen and Sjusjøen there are miles of paths and roads where you can run or cycle. In the alpine hill, you can train uphill races during the summer. 

Snow guarantee for artifichial snow

We provide a snow guarantee from November. Exact date may vary from year to year, but as early as possible in November.  The artificial snow comes from snow canons and snow that has been stored from the previous season, and gives a good head start for skiing.


In cooperation with local operators on Sjusjøen, it is possible to order food delivered to the cabins.


Within walking distance of the stadium we have several rental units that are frequently used during sports gatherings. We can offer cabins and / or apartments with a short distance from each other, or the large Lodges with 44 and 30 beds that gather entire teams under one roof.

The cabins / apartments have between 4-8 beds, and Sjusjøen Hytteutleie can offer up to 300 beds within walking distance of Sjusjøen Arena Natrudstilen and Sjusjøen Ski Center. This gives you unique opportunities to gather everyone in the club or team in the immediate vicinity

In addition to this, Sjusjøen Hytteutleie has 50 other units, divided into small, older cabins with 2 bedrooms, to larger, modern cabins with 5 bedrooms and 14 beds

All cabins have running water and electricity, and are equipped so that you have the opportunity to cook your own food if desired.

For questions or bookings, contact s Ane Karlsen +47 99 22 96 75