Rental terms and conditions

Applies to bookings made after 01.07.2023.

These provisions together with your booking apply as a binding contract for stays at our rental units.

Consumer purchases are regulated in the Consumer Purchases Act, the Right of Withdrawal Act, the Marketing Act, the Personal Data Act, the e-commerce Act and the Credit Purchase Act. If you want more information about your rights and obligations when purchasing, these laws can be found on

Where terms of sale require written documentation, this will be fulfilled by using e-mail, letters, etc.


Sjusjøen Hytteutleie uses a service provided by NETS for payment. When booking a stay via e-mail or telephone, the tenant will receive a payment link together with the confirmation, or an invoice can be sent.

When sending an invoice, an invoice fee of NOK 80 will be added. For invoicing, the correct invoice address must be stated when ordering. Reference number must be stated if this is required by the invoice recipient.

  • If the booking is made more than 31 days before arrival, 10% of the total amount must be paid immediately after booking.
  • The remaining amount must be paid no later than 30 days before the day of arrival.
  • If the booking is made 30-0 days before arrival the full amount must be paid immediately after booking.

The tenant must have paid the full amount to receive the key at check-in.


  • If cancelled earlier than 31 days before arrival, 10% of the rental amount will not be refunded.
  • If cancelled less than 30 days before arrival, 100% of the total rental amount must be paid. Unpaid rent must then be paid by the tenant after cancellation.


Change means shortening of booked stay or change of type of accommodation. Change does not include transfer of booking to dates other than originally booked, only shortening during the same period.

When extending a booked stay, this depends on availability and must be done on request.

  • Change of date or unit of stay must be made no later than 16 days before arrival regardless of the time of booking for the change to be implemented and / or meet the refund requirement.
  • Change 15-0 days before arrival will not meet refund request.

 In all cases, there is an administration fee of 200, -.

In case of earlier check-out, the amount of the outstanding nights will not be refunded.

All cancellations and changes must be made in writing to Sjusjøen Hytteutleie at

The tenant is responsible for their own, relevant insurance premiums that apply to travel and booking / rental conditions. For example, travel and leisure insurance as well as travel and liability insurance. The tenant is also responsible for informing his entourage about this.


The person that books the accommodation must be at least 18 years old. This also applies to at least one person in charge of the cabin / apartment during the entire stay. Should it turn out that the responsible tenant is not 18 years or older, the key will not be handed over and the rental amount will not be refunded.

The tenant will receive an e-mail with confirmation and payment information when the booking has been completed, provided that Sjusjøen Hytteutleie has been given a correct and valid e-mail address. It is also encouraged to check spam if the email does not arrive within the expected time.

The tenant must check the confirmation received from Sjusjøen Hytteutleie in accordance with the booking. Make sure that the arrival and departure date, number of people and type of accommodation match the booking.

Upon confirmed stay, the tenant accepts rental terms.

In cases where the tenant / booking does not have to use the booking itself, a contact person must be stated above Sjusjøen Hytteutleie who is considered the responsible tenant during the actual stay.

Sjusjøen Hytteutleie is obliged to ensure that the tenant’s information is not misused, resold to third parties or in other ways distributed without consent.

When the booking is made, it is agreed that Sjusjøen Hytteutleie can send relevant information to the specified e-mail address.


The agreed prices are binding on both parties whether the agreement is made orally or in writing.

Sjusjøen Hytteutleie reserves the right to make typographical errors online and print material.

Sjusjøen Hytteutleie reserves the right to make changes in the price because of significantly increased costs for the purchase of goods and services, increased taxes, or other circumstances beyond Sjusjøen Hytteutleie’s control.


Key handover and return to all our units take place in or outside the reception building, address: Sjusjøvegen 1595, 2612 Sjusjøen. We point out that you have to pass a barrier to get to cabins and apartments located in the area Rømåsen during the winter season from November 1 to May 1, and Storåsen the whole year. This must be paid in full by the tenant. All barriers are managed by Youpark and payment information is available at Sjusjøen Hytteutleie is not responsible for any fees caused by passing without payment.

If a guest arrives after our opening hours, the keys will be placed in a key box outside the reception. There will be a road description for the cabin / apartment in an envelope in a mailbox under the key boxes. Please let us know in case of late arrival by 12 AM the day of arrival.

Check in at the earliest at 16:00

Check out no later than 11:00


Upon departure, the tenant must tidy up after themselves. This means that the tenant cleans kitchen benches, does the dishes and removes rubbish and empty goods from the housing unit, as well as an outdoor area connected to the housing unit. Garbage is disposed of in exposed residual waste containers or waste collection point with address Benstigen. Any rented bed linen must be removed and placed next to the bed. Should our inspection staff not approve the cleaning, an additional fee will apply. Remember to close all doors and windows.


In the winter season, Sjusjøen Hytteutleie is responsible for ordering ploughing and shovelling of snow at the entrance. Arrivals on days with very bad weather and a lot of snowfall, it must be expected that the tenant must shovel to the entrance even if Sjusjøen Hytteutleie has performed snow shovelling earlier in the day. On such days, it is also possible that you must wait for the clearing of the courtyard, even if this has been ordered by Sjusjøen Hytteutleie. During the actual stay, the tenant is responsible for snow removal by the entrance of the rented cabin / apartment. Snow-free terraces / verandas are not standard during the winter season. If desired, this must be ordered by the tenant to Sjusjøen Hytteutleie with an additional cost for carrying out the job.


Sjusjøen Hytteutleie provides a snow guarantee for sports teams. The snow guarantee applies to artificial snow at Natrudstilen Ski Stadium and applies from November 1st. For the snow guarantee to apply, the booking must be registered on a sports team.


Sjusjøen Hytteutleie AS disclaims responsibility for errors that the tenant and the tenant’s travel companion`s make if they have not complied with our terms. The terms protect you as a tenant, owner of a cottage / apartment and Sjusjøen Hytteutleie AS as distributors.


Sjusjøen Hytteutleie AS is an intermediary for privately owned cabins and apartments, and a contact point for tenants from the first inquiry until departure.

As a mediator of other people’s property, the main part of the income Sjusjøen Hytteutleie receives from the tenant will be paid to the owners of the units.

Privately owned cabins and apartments cannot be expected to have the same type of furniture and equipment in each unit. If the tenant will need non-typical equipment during their stay, it is requested to bring this yourself. This Includes kitchen utensils. The tenant is obliged to treat another person’s property considerately.


If you require that the accommodation unit should have special facilities or location and this does not clearly appear in the description of the cabin, the tenant MUST contact Sjusjøen Hytteutleie AS to make sure of this before booking the accommodation unit is completed. If the order is completed, this will not be an accepted reason for cancellation.


Sjusjøen Hytteutleie AS is not responsible for forgotten items.


Some cabins have a jacuzzi. Price for renting a jacuzzi will be added. Sjusjøen Hytteutleie is responsible for preparing and cleaning the jacuzzi in advance. The tenant is responsible for treating the jacuzzi according to instructions given by Sjusjøen Hytteutleie during the stay. If the jacuzzi is rented by two tenants who departures and arrives on the same day, the person arriving must agree that the jacuzzi needs 24 hours for heating after cleaning before it is ready for use.


The tenant is obliged to treat the rental unit, fixtures, and equipment in connection with the unit in such a way that no damage and unnecessary wear and tear occurs.


Loud noise inside, or in connection with the rental unit that is a nuisance to neighbours will be reported. If the prosecution is not upheld, immediate eviction can be made. In such a situation, the rental amount is not refunded. It must be quiet no later than 23.00

Tenants can unexpectedly be exposed to disturbances from construction projects, traffic, or the like. Sjusjøen Hytteutleie cannot be held responsible of this kind.


The rental unit must only be inhabited by the contracted number of people. This number also includes children.


Pets can only be brought to the units where this is allowed, and payment for this has been agreed. Sjusjøen Hytteutleie cannot guarantee that there have been no pets in the unit and is not responsibility for the tenant’s allergic reactions as a result of pets inside the unit.


Duvets and pillows are available in the rental units, bedding and towels can be rented at Sjusjøen Hytteutleie or you can bring your own. Ordering bed linen should be done no later than 1 week before arrival. The price is NOK. 150, – per set for bed linen, one large and one small towel. Please note that the sheets are adapted for a single bed, and certain beds will need extra sheets.

Travel cot for children can be rented from Sjusjøen Hytteutleie. Duvet, pillow, and bedding for the cot must be brought by guest.


Damage caused by the tenant to the unit shall be compensated by the tenant. The tenant is obliged to inform Sjusjøen Hytteutleie about the damage as soon as possible, or no later than 10:00 the following opening day.

Self-inflicted triggering of fire alarms where fire alarms are directly connected to the alarm company and / or fire brigade leading to emergency response will be demanded to be replaced before departure. Fee for unnecessary emergency call is NOK 5000, – The price is set from of the local fire department.

All our cabins and apartments are non-smoking. If this is not complied with, the tenant will be re-invoiced for the costs this entails to remove odours, minimum NOK 1500, –


Fireplaces should be used with caution. Ignition shall take place with pure wood and / or lighter briquettes. Paper in all forms should not be used as ignition. The tenant must familiarize themselves with the indoor fireplace before lighting. See the cabin / apartment’s information folder for further information about the fireplace if this is available.

Some cabins have outdoor fireplaces, either in the form of a movable grill, fixed grill or campfire pan. Firewood for outdoor use must be covered at the tenant’s expense and can be purchased from Sjusjøen Hytteutleie.

All forms of arson in available facilities shall take place under the supervision of the tenant. It is not permitted to light a fire in an area adjacent to the cabin / apartment. When lighting a fire in an outfield, the precautionary rule applies. Rules for bonfires and forbidden periods to make one, must be respected.

Normal consumption of electricity and water are included in the price. In the event of consumption beyond what is considered normal for the cabin’s size, number of residents and season, there will be

an additional fee. Sjusjøen Hytteutleie encourages the tenant to keep consumption to a minimum level and use the fireplace in case of extra need for heat in the cabin / apartment.

Heat sources of electricity and fire must not be covered during use! The tenant will be liable to the owner if a covered heat source causes damage.


Charging an electric car / hybrid car is only permitted if the cabin / apartment is equipped with a charging station / charging box. When renting a cabin / apartment without a charging station / charging box, the management of an electric car / hybrid must be used as a public charging station.

Contact reception for information on the nearest charging point. The tenant will be liable to the owner if an unsuitable charging point is used and causes damage.


Internet connection / broadband is offered in several different ways, for example via cable, Wi-Fi, mobile routers etc. Internet is an additional service owner of the cottage / apartment offers. Several of the cabins / apartments in Sjusjøen Hytteutleie’s portfolio do not have access to the internet.

Sjusjøen Hytteutleie has mobile routers (4G) that can be rented at an additional cost. We have a limited number of mobile routers.

For internet, Sjusjøen Hytteutleie is not responsible for loss of signals, amount of data, speed, overloaded antenna, cable problems, or other problems with coverage or amount of data.

For TV, Sjusjøen Hytteutleie is not responsible for loss of signals or unsatisfactory channel package.

We point out that the channel packages for TV in the cabins / apartments in Sjusjøen Hytteutleie’s portfolio vary. In some cabins / apartments, a separate subscription for TV and streaming can be used.


Any complaints during the stay must be made to Sjusjøen Hytteutleie on site. Get in touch immediately, or no later than 10:00 the day after arrival, so that the defect / error can be corrected immediately and with the least possible inconvenience to the tenant. The tenant nevertheless undertakes to give Sjusjøen Hytteutleie a reasonable time to correct any errors and omissions if the error / defect indicates this. Errors that are first reported on departure or later will not be compensated financially.

On weekends and holidays, it cannot be expected that the error / defect will be rectified before the next working day if professional personnel or purchases are required from a dealer who is normally closed on weekends and holidays. This does not include critical damage that must be repaired immediately.


Sjusjøen Hytteutleie cannot be held responsible for unsatisfactory weather conditions, closed facilities, or other conditions beyond our control. We make reservations about incorrect pricing, descriptions of services and technical problems that may arise. Including power outages, closed roads, and reduced access to the cabin due to weather.

Sjusjøen Hytteutleie has the right to move the tenant to an equal, or better, place of residence if an incident occurs that Sjusjøen Hytteutleie has no control over. Where possible, the tenant must be informed in advance of such changes. Such changes do not entitle the tenant to fail to pay for the stay. This includes conditions that make the booked cabin / apartment uninhabitable for the tenant and the tenant’s following at Sjusjøen Hytteutleie’s discretion, default on the part of the owner, or other unforeseen events beyond Sjusjøen Hytteutleie’s control.

If Sjusjøen Hytteutleie is prevented or significantly prevented from fulfilling its obligations under the agreement due to force majeure events and / or other extraordinary events or circumstances – including, but not limited to war, natural disasters, pollution disasters, droughts, other extraordinary weather conditions, epidemics , pandemics, quarantine measures, closed borders and / or geographical areas, food shortages and / or rationing, traffic conditions, interruptions in foreign exchange trading, strikes or lockouts, and regardless of whether the force majeure events and / or the other extraordinary events or circumstances were foreseeable at the time the booking was made, Sjusjøen Hytteutleie has the right to cancel the agreement, and is not responsible for non-fulfilment of the agreement. If force majeure events and / or extraordinary events or circumstances occur, Sjusjøen Hytteutleie has the right to keep all amounts that the tenant has paid to Sjusjøen Hytteutleie.


You as a guest are important to Sjusjøen Hytteutleie and we take our responsibility for the security of your personal information very seriously.

We undertake to protect your personal information and practice transparency about the information we collect about you and what we do with it.

To reflect the latest changes in privacy laws, and our commitment to transparency, we have updated our Privacy Policy.


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What information we process and how we use it:

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We also process your inquiries and feedback if you voluntarily contact us or provide feedback on our website.

Extradition to third parties

The information is handed over to our supplier INSERT who hosts our website.

How do we store the information?

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