Frequent Asked Questions

What can you expect to find in the cabin? 

All the cabins are privately owned, and the type of interior and equipment may vary. You can however, expect to find duvets and pillows for the amount of persons that the cabin is for. Coffee maker, kettle and basic kitchen utensils. 

What should I bring? 

Consumer goods as for example toilet paper, soap for dishes or dishwasher, garbage bags, handsoap, chips or small bags to light the fire place, matches or lighter, salt and pepper and bedlinens and towels. 

How far is it to the nearest ski tracks? 

Information about this is described under the desrcription of each cabin. 

Where can I dispose garbage? 

Garbage can be disposed in containers that is placed several places in Sjusjøen. The main recycling spot, is located about 100 meters down the road from our reception. You will need a black chip to get in. If this is missing on your key, you can borrow one from us. 

Where can I charge my electric car? 

Charging can be done at Kiwi supermarket in the center of Sjusjøen.

Are there a grocery stores in Sjusjøen? 

Yes. In fact there are two. Kiwi is in the center of Sjusjøen and is quite big and has a good selection of groceries. In Mesnali there is a smaller store, and it has the most important stuff that you need.

Finnes det noen spisesteder?

Det finnes flere spise- og serveringssteder på Sjusjøen. Låven Bar, Hai på Graaten, Sjusjøtunet, Rustad Hotell og Fjellstue.
I tillegg er det noen serveringssteder som har åpent i perioder hvor det er mye folk på Sjusjøen:
Rømåssetra, Brannhytta, Midtfjellkoia, Kvarstdadsetra(Sommer) og Sjusjøen Cafe som ligger ved skisenteret.

Is there wifi in the cabin? 

Some cabins has wifi, some has mobile routers and some doesn`t have wifi at all. In the description of each cabin, you will find information about this. If it isn`t stated in the description, then there is no wifi. 

Is it possible to travel by public transport or taxi to the cabin? 

It is possible to come by train to Lillehammer, and bus from there to Sjusjøen. For some cabins, this is not a problem. But for others we wouldn`t recommend it. Check this before you book a cabin if you are planning on using public transport. 

Can we bring our dog or cat to the cabin? 

In some cabins it is possible to bring your pet. This will be specified in the description of each cabin. If it is not stated, then it is not allowed. If you are not sure, you can ask us. 
There is an extra fee for bringing pets.

Do you have beds or chairs for children? 

We have a limited number of travel cots and children chairs available. Make sure you book this early. 

At what time can we check in? And at what time can we check out? 

Check in at 16:00 
Check out at 11:00